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About Patricia Ann

I am a self-taught artist from Fergus Falls Minnesota.  I love creating amazing abstract works of art.  Using pallet knives and various brushes to capture the perfect look with layers of color are what I love about painting.  My inspiration comes from life!  Read more about me from my Biography below:

Biography of Patricia Ann


     Patricia Ann was born and raised in South Louisiana.  She always had a passion for the arts and loved drawing and painting as a student.  She attended Berwick High School in Berwick, Louisiana where she studied art under the direction of Rebecca Bergeron.  Patricia had some of her artwork displayed at the University of Southern Louisiana.  As an adult, Patricia continues to become a self-taught artist with an interest in abstract art and the use of acrylics as her medium.  

    She loves the use of different techniques that can be achieved with acrylic paints.  She uses many different pallet knife effects as well as brush stroke effects to create and obtain a certain look she is going for in an abstract painting.  

     She has done many commission pieces for clients since moving to Minnesota in 2000.  In 2018, she had her "All About Me" collection displayed at The Spot in downtown Fergus Falls, MN.  Patricia was recently selected by the Kaddatz Gallery to be the April 2019 Artist In Residence at Cleveland Elementary School where she taught 400, 3rd and 4th graders all about primary and secondary colors in a 2-part acrylic painting project.  

     When she is not busy with a brush in hand, she enjoys spending time with her husband, children and granddaughter Adyson.  Antiques and flea markets are one of Patricia's favorite passions besides being an artist.  Repurposing, gardening, cooking and music are some of her other interests.  Patricia has already started to teach young Adyson all about painting when they create paintings of unicorns and flowers.  Patricia Ann networks with other local artists through the Springboard for the Arts, the Kaddatz Gallery and Lake Region Arts Council in Fergus Falls, MN.  She is a current member of the Art of the Lakes art gallery in Battle Lake, MN where she has her art displayed.  Patricia Ann also displays her art in various shows and exhibits at the New York Mills Regional Cultural Center in New York Mills, MN.  She currently displays some of her original work, prints and notecards at Lincoln Avenue Antiques in downtown Fergus Falls, MN.  

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